lunes, 17 de agosto de 2020


 Watermelon is one of my preferred fruits amd one of the best things in summer. It's my dessert almost every day. However, this summer there's a "new" watermelon in my life and it comes accompanied with other fruits to make the freshest of salads. I'm not talking about gastronomy but about this fabulous mini-bag with handle (comes scripted with pose) I found at the TROPICAL VIBES EVENT by BUNDLE OF DOVE designed by MY BAGS. It's a collection by the name of MY TROPICAL and you can choose among six different fruit prints (tropical fruits, avocado, banana, mango, apple and coconut). I chose the tropical fruits one because it had my beloved watermelon in it and bought it without a second thought. So glad I did!

And as you can see I am also wearing the D!vine Style Dolly Dress I blogged about in my frist entry of this blog, beacuse, honestly, it is so versatile and full of options you literally could wear it all year round without repeting yourself!!!! I found that this print of the incredible super HUD matched very well with my bag.

For the pics I went to visit a sim named Dya's Scent of the Caribbean, which is a delight for your senses! I hope you're all enjoying these last weeks of August as I do and hope to see you soon.


Bag: MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt MY TROPICAL Fruts (Pose hand), currently sold at TROPICAL VIBES EVENT by BUNDLE OF DOVE

Dress: ! Dolly - Body Maitreya by D!vine Style, currently sold at TROPICAL VIBES EVENT by BUNDLE OF DOVE

If you wnat to see the photos in Flickr go to: My Flickr

jueves, 6 de agosto de 2020


I recently won a giveaway in Facebook that consisted in the opportunity to have a profilr picture taken and edited by a professional SL photographer. This is the most fabulous prize I have ever won because I felt somewhat envious when I looked at all the fantastic profile pics of SL bloggers.So then, the photographer got in contact with me and we tried to arrange a meeting so we could work on my photo, something that resulted tremendously difficult due to the time difference between U.S. Pacific coast( where she is at) and Europe (where I am).I never thought much about the problems this difference can bring for SL users, creators and the like.... Everyone has to set up meetings to discuss all the things that need to be talked in order to create events, concerts, hunts, etc....Fortunately we could get to know each other and she is a fantastic photographer and a very kind person.And now I have a really good photo to show in my profile in FB and SL. Here you can see my profile pics taken by her and you can contact her in-world if you need her services: Nickol resident.Meanwhile  am doing lots of hunts this very first week of August, and one of them is in Envious.

Here I am, resting after finding all of the little puppets hidden aroune the 3 stores of this sim. They are 0 lindens and have great quality. Also, I went to PROMAGIC to get the new Subscriber gift and right next door there is a little store ( GAURY) with lots of good-qualityj ewellery and priced  very low, so I bought these earrings for just 50L that come with a HUD to change the colors of all its gems and metals.What I am wearing:Head: GENUS PROJECT - Strong Face GIFT001 (store closed atm)Body: LEGACY - Classic - MeshbodySkin and Shape : Skin Priscila - Milk - Eyebrow - BOM by NUXE (thanks so much, I told you I would blog it). It comes with the sahpe and Eyebrow Shape I'm wearing too.Hair: bonbon/ nani :Kenna V2 (group gift)Outfit: Scandalize : Aleana Jumpsuit and Top - Legacy FATPACKShoes: Pink Cream Pie -Summer Flip Flops - LEGACY - FATPACKChoker: Yokai - "Flora" - (Gift)Earrings: GAURY - Flower Leaf Earrings -50L with HUDEyes: {SB*} Gia Eyes - LuckyYou can visit my Flickr page here: Goxa Neth

sábado, 25 de julio de 2020


This summer is being specially strange since the city is more crowded than other years at this same date.
Covid-19 is making people postpone their vacations or just plain drop them in favor of more urban activities, so the bar terraces are full of swing and though separated by two meters, joy and summer vibes inundate the evenings and people are thankful we can have this time of relief, since being at home with all the city heat is almost unbearable.
An ice-cream and a mini-dress is all I need to feel happy right now and as you can see, I have them both, so I decided to go for a walk amongst the booths of the Tropical Vibes Event organized by Bundle of Dove and I'm glad I did because you are sure to find something for this scorching summer.

Here I am wearing this gorgeous and fresh "Dolly Minidress" by D!vine Style that come with a HUD that has Oh! so many options.... you can literally have a different dress for every day of summer.
You will find 4 options on the HUD to choose from: Neutrals (with 24 plain colors to choose from), Pattern (with 16 options to choose from), Wild (with 9 options of animal inspired prints) and Leather ( with 14 options).
So don't tell me this is not completely awesome!!!!! And not only that you have the option to change the Brightness, Glow and Transparency as well as Specular for Glossiness and Environment. So you have a total control of how you want to make this beauty look. There is also a Tint Option if you feel bold enough to try.....

  Credits: :: D!vine Style :: Dolly - Mini Dress (sizes include Freya, Isis, Venus, eBody Classic, Slink         Hourglass and Slink Physique and Standard Fitmesh). Includes HUD. At sale currently  at                     Tropical Vibes Event by Bundle Of Dove




  Watermelon is one of my preferred fruits amd one of the best things in summer. It's my dessert almost every day. However, this summer ...